One of the typical reasons to get a hosting server of your own is that you'll have complete control over the software environment and you may install anything you wish. This will allow you to run apps that need particular software to be present on the hosting server, which is not possible with a shared Internet hosting server where you could install software only within the account, but not on a root level. In case you're not very familiar with this type of matters, nonetheless, you might experience difficulties due to the fact that managing a server of your own differs from managing a conventional shared Internet hosting account. In this light, we offer an upgrade with our server packages called Installation & Troubleshooting, thus our administrators can easily deal with different tasks which should be performed or can resolve a variety of issues that you may encounter.

Installation and Troubleshooting in Dedicated Servers

The upgrade is available with all our dedicated servers and as long as you add it, our knowledgeable administrators can help you with anything on your hosting server. Such as installing any third-party software that you might want to use on the server and troubleshooting any script which operates poorly or doesn't run at all. Our upgrade features one hour of work and in case a certain task isn't very time-consuming, we'll add the remaining time to your account. You shall be able to see how many minutes are left in your billing CP and use them when you require assistance again. The Installation & Troubleshooting upgrade could be acquired at any moment, so in case you require something to be set up in the very beginning, you'll be able to add it to your order during the sign up process, while if you require support later on, you can add it from the server billing area. 30 minutes of custom work are supplied with our Managed Services pack as well, but in case you need more work to be performed on the server, the Installation & Troubleshooting upgrade shall be a guarantee that your apps will be installed and set up in the very best feasible way.