What is phpBB?

phpBB is the ideal software application for anybody who wishes to promptly build a bulletin board, both as a supplement to their existing site or as an entirely different website.

With phpBB, you’ll get a simplified interface, which can be easily utilized by both members and moderators/admins. Another advantage of phpBB is familiarity – the vast majority of discussion forums are based on phpBB and the majority of users have already grown accustomed to it. As soon as they see a phpBB site, they’ll instantaneously recognize it as being a discussion forum and will already know how to work with it.

phpBB is a registered trademark of phpBB Limited and is not connected with In House JM.

phpBB–Optimized Cloud Hosting Services

If you’re searching for a decent home for your discussion forum, then you have arrived at the right spot. We, at In House JM, offer phpBB–optimized shared website hosting solutions that can handle any kind of forum.

In House JM’s phpBB–optimized cloud hosting packages were designed to be riskless. You’ll enjoy a 99.9% server uptime, it is guaranteed. And you will get unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly bandwidth and unlimited MySQL database space allowances so that your phpBB Internet forum can grow freely. Plus, with all phpBB cloud hosting plans provided by In House JM, you will be offered a cost–free domain name and a round–the–clock support service with an average customer support ticket response time of 20 minutes.

An Easy–to–Use Web Hosting Control Panel

All our phpBB cloud hosting plans include our own Online Control Panel. It is an advanced Control Panel, which allows you to administer your web sites and your domain names from one single place. There’s no need for other billing panels.

And there is a lot more than this. You’ll have at your disposal a bunch of tools and charge–free bonuses that will help you more effectively administer your web sites. With our File Manager, you’ll be able to upload files by simply dragging them to the browser window. Our Databases Manager enables you to create a database backup with one single click. With our Domain Names Manager, you’ll be able to effortlessly manage a lot of domain names. And with our Web Site Accelerator Tools for tech–savvy users, you can tremendously improve your site’s loading speed.